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  1. This packaging is straight up marketed for adolescence kids. I support a retail market but there needs to be a change in how legal markets promote their product. IMO, any legal company should not be able to use such a visual marketing tool, just plain and simple packaging. This is giving legal cannabis a horrible representation to those who are advocating for legality in an non legal state.

  2. U can buy packaging on ebay can but whatever in it, why would it say 80-85% if tested would just say the % when can buy empty packs by the 100 stay away, wouldn't trust them at a dispensary could be 1 out of 10 bad, fuck em

  3. Why does everyone cough when they smoke weed, I’ve probable smoked 25-30 times, never coughed and get high asf, the only other thing I use is a juul. Is there a reason I don’t cough or what?

  4. man i need to get off these youtube vids rambling to all you noobies who are saying poison. Everyone saying these are poison dont know how these work. All these packages are sold online by 1000-5000 at a time. And anything from ppl in their basement to legit super professional operations with actual employees makes them. The chances anyone has smoked the cart he is smoking in this video is like 1/10000. These really professional ones do make potent and clean stuff sometimes and ive seen the tests. I was riding this whole PESTICIDE wave i sell carts and would always say the same shit. If your buying on the street it doesnt matter anyways considering u can buy the packages for anything now. The amount of fake brass knuckles carts going around chicago right now is craaaazy. No body has a clue.. even people who wouldnt touch supreme i watched buy a fake brass knuckles off my buddy instead and come back happy as fuck. If you want to smoke really clean and potent carts, u need one of 3 things. Medical card, legal state, or a street dealer who has legit product or operation. Otherwise if your buying any dispensary cart on the street u might as well just grab the marios and supremes as well till u find a reliable one. You got a maybe 10% chance its real, no street dealers really waist time trying to sell taxed overpriced store carts. Why would they when they can spend 10x less and fill up the same packages. Customers are happy think they get good shit. They are making stupid profit. And everyone is running around pretending they are experts about 7 or 8 packages but smoking the same shit. And thats the cart game atm.

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  7. Don’t buy this shit. If you’re in a state where it is legal PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just buy from your local dispensary. Don’t buy any uncertified cartridges. Who knows what’s in these without actual data or research. Common sense….


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