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  1. I started 3 years ago after 30 years against it. I got hurt at work and from a bad experience have a fear of pills. I was totally shocked how quick the pain left my arm and how my mental health seemed to be uplifted. I grew so much over these 3 years and like to learn more. Your knowledge and vids are truly amazing. Thank you for them.

  2. i started smoking because i liked the new perspective it gave me on life and it also sparks my creative side 🙂
    Hey i was wondering about that light giveaway, i seen your post about it but it didn’t say how to enter exactly. I’ll watch a video for the info if you can point ti the right one 😀 love the videos btw!!

  3. I was so intrigued by "learning all the dangers" of it in health class in high school that I knew I had to try it lol.
    So, at 16, I bought a joint from a guy I worked with. I didn't really feel anything that first time, & wondered if I got ripped off

  4. I smoked weed daily in my college days. Then took a 30 year break as life got busy with kid and job. I was diagnosed with RA and Degenerative Disc disease about 10 years ago. Hate pharmaceuticals! My state recently made cannabis legal. I’m back and loving it!

  5. Went onto instagram for your giveaway.. lol can definately not tag any friends.. I dont advertise growing cannabis.. 🙂 growing it for fun and the love of it and for my sons who smoke it up

  6. Hi From seed to stoned. I will try and make it short. lol I was hit by a car crossing the road in 2001. I was lucky to be alive. Was wheel chaired for a year and a half and had to learn how to walk. However was very painful. Every; pain killer that was given to me i was allergic to every single pain killer. I was even given man made thc and still had bad reactions. My family doctor turned me to smoke cannabis in 2002 and encouraged me to grow as well since I cna't afford to purchase amount of cannibis I use to medicate. i hope that was short enough . I know u have lots to read. much love. love the information packed into this video. keep pumping out those videos.

  7. When I turned 14 my Dad use to smoke cannabis and he always had his own little stash stocked. I always knew what it was but didn’t know what it was actually for. I spoke to a few of my close mates about it and after the chat we all decided that we wanted to try it. So one day my Dad went out with his mates drinking and left the house to me and my mates. Once he left we thought we’d pinch some out his stash and try it. We didn’t have a clue how to make a roll up with it so we watched videos. We finally mastered a baggy as hell roll and smoked it. We was super high and it last for ages! 4 hours later we rolled another one. As we was smoking it my Dad walked in without us hearing him and he caught us! My heart sank and thought he was going to hit me and kick off… but he never, he laughed at us and said “pass it me” and started smoking with us! Haha
    To this day I still smoke it and now supply my Dad with it!

  8. Когда ставить 12 на 12 смотреть по росту или строго по неделям? Довести до такого размера который я хочу или она вырастит при цветении ?

  9. Hey man thanks again for the grow tips. I love your videos. They are always very well put together and easy to follow. I am a new grower and can't thank you enough for all your info. I have just discovered your channel about a month ago and I am spedning most of my spare time trying to watch all your videos. I am almost there.
    I started growing because I have some pretty bad anxiety and I have a bone spur in my hip that seems to be ruining my life. I take opiates for the pain and valium when i get a panic attack. The opiates do work but I cant really do much while taking them. I have found that a very small amount of THC with a pretty high dose of CBD works wonders. I feel calm and relaxed but I can still enjoy my life nearly pain free. Thanks for all your help man. Im not great at growing yet but your videos most definitely help. Much love from the Canadian Rocky Mountains EH.

  10. I started smoking when I jokingly asked my dad for some of his weed so I could sell it when he was taking out buds to grind. I was 16-17 and he filled a whole zip lock bag and well the rest was history!

  11. I started smoking at 13 because I thought I was cool continued until I was 17 joined the military and stop and started smoking when I got out for medical reasons and now I want to grow my own medicine

  12. Started this cannabis journey just like most, a curious teen but after seeing how it affected me in so many ways positively I am now proud to be a medical patient in my home state of Oklahoma and growing my own meds with help and guidance from videos and pages like this one.

  13. Awesome series Ill be following the whole way. Off topic about your ventilation . How do you keep your tent cool? Or do you keep the tent open ? Im asking because I vent like most but I need to vent constantly and then I loose my humidity . Is there a solution to that ? Thx. love the channel . peace 🙂

  14. I started smoking because of my back pain. I drive the Alamo shuttle here on the big island. Ended up getting a bulged disc in my L3. Mainly smoke after spearfishing session since the weight belt puts a lot of strain on the lower back. Helps ease the pain away 👍🏽

  15. You are so right about equipment being so crucial. My power went out for a few hours in the last week of flower on my black cherry punch plant. I didn’t check on the plant whilst the power was out. When the power came back on a few hours later, I checked my tent and the Rh was already 65!! My plant smelled totally different than she has ever smelt. It was an extremely potent baking bread/musky smell. She had 40% humidity the entire grow, it never got above 48, and it was usually around 40. The plant was stressed at the high humidity and it happened so fast. And the smell was so strong I will never forget it….

  16. I originally started smoking cannabis in college with some friends my freshman year. We would blaze up and go walk through botanical gardens or attend school events it was always a recreational thing for me. Now i view the plant totally different with my love of agriculture in general and the many health benefits it holds. I’m located in south florida, a urban farmer & young father. This light would be amazing for me to use for growing tomatoes. lol

    Much love, the info you share on you page is golden i have learned a lot, thank you for being an influence.

  17. I'm from Brazil and here, the things are not easy. I have anxiety that causes me crises and insomnia. But when a neurologist said: the Brazilian marijuana,is terrible but is medicinal, I start to use and never stop. I want the giveaway to runaway the Brazilian prensado. <3

  18. Hey man, redman_reptiles on Instagram. I tagged the friends. How I got into smoking and growing is that I was in a bad car wreck in 2012 that left me in a coma and took me completely out of service for 16 months. Docs told me I would lose the leg, never walk again, etc etc and doped me up with all kinds of meds. Well, I fired a few doctors from my case, cut the meds (nurontin, ms contin and oxy) cold turkey as soon as I realized they were messing with my head and switched to weed. Today I'm working 60+ hour weeks on my feet, smoking weed to sleep away the pain, and loving life!

    Love the channel man! Fingers crossed for the win!


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