China is data Mining the minds of thousands of workers!!!! Direct from your mind! Bill Blair and friends benefiting from legalized Mary Jane.


  1. Hate speech IS what Youtube says it IS. That of course changes on case by case basis. If you have a problem with that than you need more mental healing in room 101!

  2. In the USA, the Prism data mining by the NSA is being used to fake minds, thoughts, perceptions, senses, memories.
     Not mind reading – mind pretending. It's brain warfare pure and simple. Mandela anyone? We USE to say modifying, manipulating, adding or deleting memories, thoughts, etc. in a person's brain was brainwashing, a crime. They don't seem to think it is anymore for some reason.

  3. The Mind Reading story, reminds me of that old poster that used to hang in the workplace. "You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps." You don't have to say, you love the Corporation, we will know.


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