Converts Black and Decker line trimmer from auto feed to manual feed. Replace the line with Vortex Rotary .080″ high performance line. Also, allows you to run …


  1. Thanks for the tip, I have same B&D trimmer, was getting worse it seems, doing thick grass, went through 20' of line in five minutes !!!! I converted mine (I did see your 2nd video). I tested it back and forth, because with your trick I was getting some real vibration happening. Seems the dynamic equilibrium was askew, by moving the "stop" to the top of the spool. I see someone said to duct tape the small advance lever in the correct position. Not good for staying in place, so I put drop of two part epoxy on the tiny shaft that the advance lever pivots on (in the correct position) and problem solved, no vibration also. Just pop cap, lift spool slightly and advance what you need by hand. I have had tap n go trimmers worked fine, also had one with rectangular button on side of spool to press while advancing line by hand, that was my favorite, why companies are going to auto feed, is nuts. I also disconnected my auto stop/start feature on my 2019 Jeep Cherokee, the older I get the dummer the world gets 🙂

  2. Good post, this solve many problems, here is a little background on the problem of the automatic head:
    This is the thing and why this automatic feed never works, the auto feed mechanism was designed for 0.065" nylon line, and it has little to do with the size, but mostly about the weight, when the line has it's full length out, about 6"the weight creates enough centrifugal force to keep the little lever inside the trimmer head locked, but when the line shortens about 1.5" the centrifugal force reduces enough to unlock the ratched lever and it let the spool move one step in the zig-saw shaped trail inside the head.
    This is all nice and dandy until we user decide to install a different line, which is either heavier or lighter and the auto feed loose control, either feed to fast or too slow because the line creates more or less centrifugal force.
    If you want to use a different line, like me, just disable the autofeed by using a little piece of duct tape and hold the lever inside the head towards the outside, whenever you want to comeback to the original line, simply take the duct tape off and comes back to auto feed, you probably never come back to auto feed like me.
    When I decided to do this, I thought it was going to be a hassle because of having to continuously opening the head to feed line out but is not, you do this less often that fixing the damn auto feed head.
    Good post by the way.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to make this. Love the little Black and Decker trimmer so far, but I noticed it used a ton of string. I'll break out the drill and get to work. Great idea. Thanks

  4. Great idea! Been trying to figure out if there was a conversion kit to go to bump feed on my super cheap cordless. Thank you very much for being a genius and especially for sharing your success!

  5. Update- grind that bolt head completely off, or it will catch on roots, access cover, etc. and knock the bolt out of line/position. Use vice grips to screw it back into the plastic hole after the bolt is completely cooled off after grinding. Also, consider NOT leaving the extra openings in the tab created on the orange cover… this will keep the inside of the spool head cleaner than with these openings. Instead of lifting the cut tab, consider pushing in the stock side tab to create lift to advance to the next hole. Update two- I took a new orange cap, and simply put a hole in it, near one of the two lock tabs, and didn't make any other cuts in the cover. Just inserted the bolt/pin. Now, to change the length of the line, I just push in the side tab nearest to the bolt/pin, lift it a bit, and pull the line to advance to the next hole. I'm going mostly by feel when the bolt/pin falls into the next hole on the spool. Now, there is no grass or dirt going into the spool head area.

  6. I just received the vortex rotary .080" line from Amazon. wound it onto the modified spool… worked really well. I was concerned about it breaking while using it at the highest speed setting, but it worked fine, like a champ. project appears to be a huge success!


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