This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! I show the process of how to reveg a cannabis plant and clone. I also go over the closet grow flower room and show …


  1. Just curious if everyone is liking the new video format? If you have a questions, please drop it down. I always spend time answering everyone so please don't hesistate to ask.

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  2. Hi Matt! Lydia here, I just harvested my first 2 plants! Your teaching is really clear, succinct. I like your delivery and how you stay on point. Thank you for teaching me how.

  3. Glad to see success on your reveg. I just smoked a tester bud from a plant I didn’t take a clone of, turned out to be fire. I’m 9 1/2 weeks into flower and I’m seriously torn. Loving the content by the way. Thank you.

  4. Can I carry a clone stem in airplane for 3hrs ? If yes please tell me how do I do it ! Inside a suitcase in a container . Is it better to make holes or keep it vacuumed? And also should I apply the clone oil mix in coco and close it with cello tape. If anyone can understand this scenario please help me out. Thanks a lot already

  5. @Mr. Canucks Grow I love your videos and obviously your results, you do an awesome job explaining what you do and why you do it. I am wanting to switch from liquid to dry amendment top dressing feeds – as well as from soil to coco – I know you say that a top dress feed is good for a couple weeks? – I was wondering if you had a feeding schedule and dials that in a bit or explains a bit more in detail what you do, when and how often as far as feeding goes?  Thank you again for all your videos and work you put out for us to learn from!

  6. I thought the ph water for coco is between 5.6 to 6.2. In the end, you said you water with 6.8 ph it’s a little confused there for me. I’m planning to do coco, so i hope you can help me make it clear. Thank you for the great videos Matt


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