Marriage rates are in decline. Lou looks at how economics and cultural trends have led fewer and fewer people to say, “I do” – and why that’s not a bad thing.


  1. Almost 11 minutes, and he never gets around to a guy marrying his best possible prospect and thanks to feminism and easy divorce she morphs into a contentious harpy and vindictively hits the divorce button.

    Goodbye house, car, kids, cash — hello inflated alimony and child-support payments.

    With a parallel job, she can now continue to climb the corporate ladder and enjoy private welfare payments from her ex who is now an involuntary servant-for-life.

    Whatever you incentivize you will get more of. The laws and the culture has produced strident willful women and given them a free golden parachute. There is little to no downside for her — for her ex his problems have just begun and sometimes end in suicide.

  2. Divorce laws favor women over men. A man who makes 50k marries a woman who makes 40k & has one child, after 10 years of marriage they get a divorce, courts 80% of the time award the child to the mother. In order for the woman too maintain her 'lifestyle' the EX has to pay 10k in alimony every year. He looses 10k a year but she gains 10k a year. Plus she gets ½ of his Social Security check even if he is still alive.

  3. I honestly think women's minds are weak and vulnerable, they are real suckers for whatever media says and social stigma. They are the ones always dissatisfied, they are the ones initiating the divorces. It's definitely a mindset problem.

  4. yeah honestly if a woman is past peak fertility shes not worth getting entangled with. Guys do yourselves a favor since the west has really screwed up with feminism. Just keep accumulating until your 40's and then find one thats like 22 and settle down with that one if you choose to settle down. That way you can have multiple children and no down syndrome babies. Also by then it will be established at what a failure feminism was. In fact more and more younger women are waking up to this fact. As we guys know we dont give a shit about a woman being educated. We care about her looks, her youth, her fertility, and how well she can nurture us and the kids after a hard day of back breaking labor. Though MGTOW is probably even more viable. These women have no idea what men really want, it's just sad.

  5. I think it's simple . Our sons have watched as we men have gotten shafted in no-fault divorce states when their clearly has been fault and it wasn't their dads. When young men step back and ask what the benefits of marriage are vs the risks they find themselves wondering why any man would ever get married. Best case scenario for most men in marriage is that their financial situation is as good as it would have been had they not gotten married. Worst case is they lose their future completely. Remember religion is also way on the decline so less men and women see that obligation already.

  6. I am almost 23 been going my own Way for over 2 years now and it’s wonderful and I am saving up start my first real estate deal I am so excited I am so blessed to be MGTOW!!!!!! Never been married and never wanted too it’s a trap

  7. Didn’t mention that more men realize there isn’t any benefit to getting married, and the risks associated with it are extremely high. Marriage is dead.

  8. Solution to this is to have a paradigm shift in considering the perceptions and utility of marriage.

    Marriage is for producing kids and nourishing kids in a healthy environment. End of thensolution

  9. They want to know why marriage is on the decline… Its because men woke up and realized that there is no merit in getting married… Its just too much women out there and to find the right one who wont give you serious troubles in the long run…Its too much. The guy loses everything in today's world and we don't have the dedication it seem women have to keep searching for the perfect partner. I quite frankly don't feel like being a white knight for anyone…I wanna be myself and not be defined by what women want from me.

  10. The reason marriage is dying because their's nothing in it for the good person( both men and women) both sides lose whether is half your stuff or heartbroken because the husband cheated on you. While you at home cooking, cleaning, or managing bills. Nothing good about marriage on either sides

  11. Marriage doesn’t mean anything- it’s just a label..

    Oh wait – it’s worse than that ! Its actually is different – it gives the women everything and a man nothing

    So now think about – why would any sensible men put themselves into a marriage contract – when the contract is
    Tilted against men…. that’s why successful men do not get married

  12. Another angle could be that marriages where more a thing the rich did, and many people into the 1800s were not so much married by law then by common law.
    Marriage was something that may have risen, and is falling, with the middle class, going forward.

  13. at 10:10 you could also argue that divorces are in decline because the number of marriages is declining, as you can see both marriages and divorces between 1980 and 2010 have similar gradients which suggest that the ratio of marriage:divorce is relatively unchanged, to support the argument of increased quality of marriage I think it would be more useful to look at the number of divorces as a percentage of the total number of marriages and if this is decreasing that would support your argument


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