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  1. 18+
    21+ for men to be safe.
    Marijuana isn't harmful in any way aside from those that may have allergies to it. -Still never lethal
    It is also dangerous if smoked before the brain has fully developed.
    Hence the 18+-21+ thing.
    It can effect how the brian take's in & stores memory if smoked before then.
    I smoke daily.
    Bless Full legalization in Canada!

  2. My first time was smoking out of a four loko can with my friends, after that we all started feeling fantastic and proceeded to sing the entirety of Wake me up when September ends without the song…..10/10 would recommend

  3. Where I am in Australia a stick (1.6g usually) is $25 without discount. So I guess 1g is around $17 so 12 US. This man getting it 2 bucks better

  4. Every thing you said was pretty much the same for me the first time i smoked but, I smoled 4 blunt and for me it made the time go by really fast and my hear was beating super fast

  5. When I hit my first blunt I was 14 honestly I was just hungry asf and ate up half my moms fridge felt like I was covered in marshmallows in a soft calm plain of existence


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