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  1. Interesting thought but what if the things you are fearful of are the very things causing anxiety and therefore making the dpdr worse,
    For example in my case going back to a high stress job or wanting to travel overseas ,
    I do want to do these things but would it be the smartest idea to go and do them when in the depths of anxiety /Dr.
    Two ideas of recovery contradict themselves ,
    Resting the body and mind allowing body to recuperate or facing the fear the fear head on and perhaps making things worse
    Your thoughts?

  2. It's not a thinking thing…it's a body thing. Live your life but get skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got help, moved to a new country, and it's funny you talk about road trips bc I moved to Madrid (I"m from NC) a year and a half ago and I've been doing constant road trips all over Portugal, Sapin, France, Italy!! BUT I learned many skills once I was diagnosed…

  3. Thank you for your videos…

    I agree with you that I would not wish this on my worst enemy. It is has been hell.

    My story…at 7 I told my mom I felt weird. She said you are pretty don't worry about it. Well, I had this, "weird, horrible feeling," (DP) off an on for years. I tried many unhealthy coping skills. I felt crazy. I did not know my nervous system was being highjacked. The reptilian brain stuff. I learned two foreign languages, travel the world, lived in different countries, got married, had kids, and the only real thing that kept me sort of regulated was al anon, and meditating. At 45 I was finally diagnosed. FINALLY there was a name to this. I sought out specialists, I read WAKING THE TIGER by Peter Levine, and got SOMATIC EXPERIENCING (worked immediately) treatment. I will tell you what worked and did not work for me. I realize we are all different.

    1. When in a dp state, talk therapy didn't work too well. I was too frozen. I saw Dr. Paul Canali (google him if you want to see his work) and for the first time in 45 years I got relief. The treatment is called SOMATIC EXPERIENCING
    2. The nervous system is producing too much cortisol basically and until I REGULATE that I have anxiety.
    3. Yoga, putting a penny in my shoe, breathing into belly tells the brains there's no real threat, sucking on a lemon starts to regulate the system, holding ice, basically tells the body, "hey, we don't need all that cortisol…this has been a false alarm." It may take hours or days to regulate. Better to prevent it byt managing stress levels.
    4. Trying to talk myself out of it NEVER WORKED. For me it's not a thinking thing…it's a body think and this is WHY…(google Dan Seigal brain stuff, he explains it so well) WHEN OUR FIGHT, FLIGHT, OR FREEZE (where DP happens in Freeze) is activated it is our lower brain (the amygdala) and our frontal cortez is NOT ONLINE so to speak. So until we calm the lower brain with mindful, in the moment, body exercises, telling the brain, "snap at of this," is like a text message sent to a phone turned completely off.
    5. Going into a crowded bar, a loud spinning class, busy city street, pretending things are normal for me doesn't work bc it's like sensory overload.
    6. Prevention is way easier than getting out of it once my body has been highjacked by cortisol. So I mediate every day, do yoga, weights, listen to mindfulness talks and go to al anon meetings bc making eye contact with someone safe also starts to hormonally regulate the system.
    7. Warm bath helps
    8. Taking a nap helps most of the time.
    9. Learning a new skill like guitar, flamenco, works bc one is single focussed and not thinking about it.
    10. This really helps….(almost forgot!) a weighted blanket about 10 % of your body weight.

    My trauma is from domestic violence when I was an infant. Pre verbal trauma is the most damaging.

    There is 100% relief from this, and much of it is free. This is caused many times by childhood trauma where one feels trapped and the only thing the body can do is disconnect the brain from the body.


    Tara Brach
    Dr. Peter Levine
    Dr. Paul Canali

    They explain why it happens very well

  4. I was experiencing these headaches that would then cause me to experience depersonalization. But then my mom kept telling me that it was just anxiety and then after weeks of suffering the headaches went away. I didn't get depersonalization for two days. Then I got dp super bad but it would only last for a few minutes! But without the headache now. So I believe even though we don't think we are obsessing over it we are still obsessing in the back of our mind. Our mind is so crazy and we can be thinking so many things at a time. I always heard especially women can think many things at once compared to men. So maybe thats why its more common in women to experience anxiety? I can be thinking about my love life, Jesus, my day, and then in the very back of my mind be thinking " I hope that sensation doesn't come back.. am I feeling okay now?" All in the same time. So I truly believe it's all in the mind along with demonic opression that needs to be rebuked. Some times I truly believe i'm going crazy like i'm losing my mind but oh well lol Also when i'm praying i'm obsessing over being healed from it. I believe God's just like telling me to chill out and live life and then God will take care of it.

  5. I think its a phase that you'll eventually overcome.
    I had it for around 5 months, most of it it felt like it ll never go away. It went away slowly without me noticing .. i grew out of it.
    I still have the thoughts dpdr brought to me from time to time.. i get fast heartbeat and feeling of a near panic attack .. but its not as bad as it used to be.
    It made more religious tho, comparing to some people who lose their faith because of it

  6. Bro i really wanna know is your DP/DR fully gone to the point you forgot what it feels like and you felt like you were dieing constantly with no relief. I cant take this fucking feeling anymore. Sincerly the boy going through hell-


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