1. CCW moron fall off the face of the earth every day for a week I watched you I see the same ppl in your chat nut it says you got 28k subs h ummm looks like some one payed for subs to me because only very few I talked say they like you but many more that say you a dumb ass and dislike you

  2. I'm on You tube don't you know this about me?
    Yea, you and a million others to see
    No, we don't recognize you
    Except everyone you are going to sue

    "You're in trouble now bitch" he exclaims
    Cursing the cops in many names
    Screaming and yelling like a childish prick
    With a huge lawsuit he wants to get rich quick!

    He thinks he is this huge media star
    But everyone knows what you are
    Another "auditor" pretending to be
    A "Journalist" what else can he be

    Maybe he is an uneducated clown
    Looking for easy money to be found
    By confronting people by being rude
    Touch me and you will be sued?

  3. They knew when they talked to that girl she had difficulties, I don't know the present politically correct word just now, sorry. He may have said the traffic jerk was commiting an act of terror, I know he said the word but he did not say he was, the girl misunderstood. The speed with which the cop went hands on on him amazed me. I am shocked. That's scary. Holy shit, what has this country become?
    I wonder if the cop that had him arrested is the same one that ran the light and killed the biker dude. That was terrible. I'd be terrified to set foot there.
    I hear they let him go, but that whole thing never should have happened. The cop never even tried to listen to him. Is that how it goes these days? Someone says you did something and that's it? SMH. Shaking in my shoes.


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