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  1. Great ad idea! They can put Popeye's sandwich next to Chick-Fill-A and McDonald's, then watch the local cougar eat one of them, refill, continue watching as the wildlife keeps stealing the damn sandwich before the bear can have a go at it.

  2. In some states it's illegal to wear a bullet proof vest during a crime…Soo confused like I'mma Rob this bank. Local police: no prob bro.

    Also I'mma wear a bullet proof vest during it

    Police: wAiT tHaTs iLlEgAl!!!!!

  3. I wanna be the first person to inject illegal HARD DRUGS in SPEHS ….but it'll never happen. Even tho I have the… //loser snickering gone haywire//
    …*THE RIGHT STUF!!!*
    im teh uberfiend did u know buttttttt uhhhhh……

    …Anyway… how bout dat dere consane take on Navy SEAL copypasta, eh?

    //persnicker snicker waaa//

    (kill all the capitalist roaches har)

  4. I love how people who call out "snow flakes" are usually the first to get offended. They can't even see their own hypocrisy … Also that whole space crime wasn't as big as the headlines made it out to be. It depends on the details of the relationship of course, but I don't see much wrong with what the Astronaut did. Obviously the divorce complicates things and stalking is wrong, but it is not hard at all to take away your partner's access from your bank account. You just talk to your banker and they'll let you know what to do. The wife seems to be exaggerating imo. Again, I don't know the details of the relationship so maybe she's justified with her feelings, but was it really necessary to contact NASA and make a big media spectacle just because your soon ex is looking at your bank account. Not using it. Just looking at it.


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