Richie is joined by Vera Twomey and Prof. Alan Sked When Vera Twomey’s daughter Ava was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that …


  1. Richie, are you referring to a brand of "socialism" described as"anarcho-syndicalism" if so then I have a great deal of respect for this idea especially if it could be combined with British/US constitutional rights – a synthesis of the two balancing the "collective good" with "individual "God given" rights"

  2. My daughter have a seizures only for one day and that was terrifying, i understand just little bit what ava and mom going through, i just purchased book at last i can help in that way.

  3. It's reverse psychology.
    The system uses Gun's and weaponry to dominate other countries.
    I suppose it's crazy to be able to go into a supermarket and buy Rocket a Launcher / Tank /And Machine Gun's/.
    Just look at the budget of the US on weaponry each year .
    To kill and destroy life's.
    Spend that money on the people so everyone can live a more comfortable life.
    No money for building houses.
    No money to creat Jobs.
    But to spend trillions on the devastating effects of wars .

  4. Boris flatters to deceive! He’s playing his part at the request of his puppet masters! It’s a joke! Why would any MP want to come out of the EU when it’s a gravy train for them! It ain’t gonna happen!

  5. some of the mass shootings are the American Gladio that's going on right now and this idiot Beto just makes sheet up as he goes…. then this guy said this and this group feels this blah blah blah….!

  6. Vera seems like a beautiful person, genuine, a wonderful loving mother, I'm so pleased her daughter is well.
    Unfortunately the 'west' is a nanny state, all our rights and freedoms are being drastically eroded away, bit by bit.

  7. It’s astonishing how these “anti racist” campaigns never mention the fact that the racist South African government are discriminating the white minority in South Africa by taking away their land. Nor do these “anti racist” campaigns mention the racist government of Israel and how they are treating Palestinians.

  8. I moved from Essex to Ireland. ..I have a beautiful home overlooking the Shannon sea here…..I can confirm here that the Irish government in Ireland do not care or even like the IRISH PEOPLE …..LIKE all governments in the world they are the bought puppets for the elites. . To serve them and KILL THE REST OF HUMANITY

  9. Professor is on the money with many EU professionals coming over to the UK due to the depressed economies of their countries. MSM conveniently omits talking about the state of other EU country economies….. You don't need to be a statistician to see that even in the NHS there are more Spanish, Greek etc professionals…. My issue is there is a move to displacing indiginous British workers out of the NHS. No one talks about it


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