Nirvana CBD is some of the best CBD available on the market in my opinion. They offer many different forms of cbd from cbd tinctures, cbd capsules, CBD lotions …


  1. Also FYI, sure you probably know but in case you don't, I have noticed a lot of YouTubers saying against policy to have links in the description so they instead link their own web page and put product links on that, (in reference to the video you did talking about getting strikes) forgive me if I'm repeating other comments or giving info you already know, and good luck

  2. Thanks for the video, yes would like to see more on this, I'm in the military and I work in oil refineries in my civilian career so plenty drug test, LoL! Also and more importantly don't want to do anything to cloud my thoughts or…. Definitely please do the video more detail

  3. This stuff is very difficult to obtain here in Australia due to ill informed and stupidity in the customs department. I've had so far 2 out of 5 shipments of CBD seized / taken . Official complaints lodged against customs here in Australia via barristers in conjunction with the Australian Medical Association. Received official word yesterday evening that the items that are held / seized will be getting on forwarded today. Should arrive in 4 days to my location from Melbourne holding area in state of Victoria. I use CBD to ease pain from injuries in topical form , tincture for ingestion and oil to dose my e-liquid . All the CBD I ordered and have successfully received were all THC free , either as broad spectrum or isolate. I work as an underground miner / machine operator last 22 years , at age 51 the body does hurt all day long . I too used to eat / take ibuprofen ( nuerofen here in Australia) by the box of 20 liquid caps every day. The CBD has helped more than the ibuprofen could ever do in my case . I also have vape juice / e-liquid with CBD in it at 600mg strength ( by Alpine Hemp ) which is the isolate form of CBD. In my line of work we get drug and alcohol tested every day ( mouth swabs and urine sample for drug testing , breathalyzer for alcohol ). Being pain free and not high as a kite at home, work or out and about is great . CBD has given me personally a better quality of life without pain , very good sleep and regular sleep patterneven doing continuous roster shift change between day / night shifts.
    It would be very awesome if you could do more reviews on CBD products in general and also CBD infused e-liquids in the future if possible . Cheers best wishes and regards from Kalgoorlie- Boulder in western Australia down under.

  4. That's the problem. There's alot of bunk ass "CBD" on the market. It's supposed to have no more than 3% THC in it, or not be sold to the public as CBD. I too tried CBD several years ago when I was fairly new to the vape industry and wasn't impressed whatsoever. Not only did it not work for me, it tasted horrible. Now there's even more companies out trying to make a fast buck, so everyone do your research before purchasing. If anyone is in the New England area I could suggest a great company that a close friend works for that makes amazing REAL CBD products. Thanks.

  5. let me get this straight, last week you were saying youtube is screwing you over with your videos not getting seen. saying they are going after your type of content. then you turn right around and do a cbd video? are you trying to get your channel taken down? this makes zero sense to me. curious how this one will play out. good luck

  6. Dude take this down like fast. A bunch of people had their channels shut down quick over cbd videos. Trust me delete it in a hurry. I enjoy your videos and dont want to see your channel shut down.

  7. Yes do these reviews…we are suffering from RA and Knee pain and aren't sure which does what for the pain and stress (anxiety)…and agree would rather pay more because I don't want any bad shit in mine…or thc…just wanna feel better with a straight head…thx Sherlock.
    This needs to be done to point some of us in the right direction…👍👍

  8. Thanks for the video about Nirvana cbd. The oils don't seem to work as well for me by the hemp cbd by TKO works a little for me but I only smoke it right before I try to crash. Anxiety aint as bad but still no help on sleep at night. Cant smoke all day because if it did start working, I would be napping all the time in the day


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